Today a girl on Linkup (I’m afraid I’ll mine the site occasionally–it provides too much fodder to ignore) said that she thinks its the “End of Days” not because of wars or the natural disasters, but because good young people are dying.  She believes that God is taking the good ones prematurely so they will be spared the heartbreak of the destruction that will happen before the Second Coming. 

Personally, I think she said this partly because she’s grieving and trying to make sense of the death of a young friend.  I didn’t have the heart to correct her–that we probably have the lowest mortality rate of people under 30 then there’s ever been in recorded history.  I also didn’t correct her because I sometimes have a hard time relating to “emotional” explanations of events.  Sometimes I think I’m just not wired that way so I have a hard time accepting those explanations..but I try not to discount them either..