There’s a long (but not especially well-written) article about Baby boy Wilson in the Washington Post today.  After reading it, I started thinking about a series of questions I always ask myself whenever the Wilsons are concerned.  First:  Which is my favorite Wilson? (I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to pick) Second: Which one will ultimately be more successful (I think Luke will be) and third-Why does the nickname butterscotch Stallion crack me up so much (because its hillarious).

I think someone in this article agrees with me…that Luke Wilson has the most potential to be a top leading man.  Just watch him in The Royal Tennenbaums and Bottle Rocket.  The guy’s got acting chops! Oh and Owen is the Butterscotch Stallion.

From the article

“I always had the sense that he’s an underutilized, unvalued resource,” director Ivan Reitman says of Wilson. “I think it’s just by virtue of his good looks that he’s gotten to be ‘the guy’ in a lot of chick movies, where he’s the kind of straight guy to the colorful, kooky girl that’s in the movie. I wanted to give him the opportunity to rock a little more in a comedy. He’s the real deal, he’s certainly as funny as his brother Owen. His comedy chops really are born of the same DNA.”

Reitman met Wilson when he was producing the 2003 hit “Old School” — the one where Ferrell, Vaughn and Wilson start a fraternity for the latent and misfit. (A sequel is still in the works.) Reitman actually thinks Wilson has just enough Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart in him to remain with us for a long time: “There’s this long line of actors who become icons for America and they all have a kind of boyish, everyday quality. The kind of guy you want as your friend, or the man you want as your lover,” he says. “There’s just something so goshdarn charming about that, which is what Luke is.”