August 2006

Before last month, I wasn’t aware of the word, “macaca.” Now, thanks to Sen. Allen, the definition has been given in almost every article written about him in the past month, and he may just be in the fight for his political life. Let me back up for those of you that don’t live in the DC area, Virginia or don’t pay attention to politics. Sen. Allen last month called one of his democratic challenger’s staff a macaca on camera and welcomed him to “the real Virginia.” First off, where is it okay to call another human being a macaca which is a genus of monkey and a racial slur (the staffer is Indian)? Second, Sen. Allen you live in Northern Virginia, perhaps one of the most ethnically diverse places in the nation? Third, You’re in a Senate Campaign and possibly running for President. Think before you speak, Sir. Think!

However, I’d like to thank you again for turning a yawn reelection bid into what might be a great race.


Finally!  This morning (and it wasn’t even a late Friday Afternoon) the morning-after pill was approved by FDA.  The requirements that girls 17 and younger need a doctor’s note, while girls 18 and older need proof of age.  The fact that women will still need to ask for the pill, I assume it won’t be available after hours, are draw-backs.  However, its on the market finally so the real battle has been one.  Sort-of.

Sundance Channel is set to premiere a reality television show based in a Hill Office.  Actually, this show looks pretty interesting (of course its on a channel I don’t get) for Reality Television.  The show looks at mostly the professional lives of the Chief of Staff, Legislative Assistant, Legislative Director, and Press Secretary in the Office of Congressman Robert Wexler. 

Another reminder that being just a little overweight isn’t healthy: You don’t have to be obese — just a little overweight — to increase your risk of dying prematurely.  While this article is a bit alarming, its a bit of a boost I need to get back in shape.

Since the Immigration issue blew up this spring, I’ve been hoping that the US legislators would actually pass reasonable legislation that works.  Well, it looks like that my hopes have been dashed.  The legislation proposed in the Senate would cost the country as much as 126 billion dollars over the next decade, and Republican leaders are opposing this bill in favor of the House legislation that would make illegal immigrants felons, build hundreds of miles of fencing on the southern border and offer no new guest-worker programs.  Is it too much to ask for a fiscally responsible bill that isn’t a knee jerk reactionary bill?  Besides, I have a feeling the Republican answer will probably cost nearly as much as the other bill when its all said and done.


I have a confession.  Airport Security is something I grudgingly bear.  I can see why most of the precautions are taken, but really I think many precautions are knee jerk reactions that don’t really make us safer.  I sometimes think they are put in place to make us feel safe after a major terrorism scare and don’t actully make us safer.


We were planning to go to Mexico City and Oaxaca, although right now we may change our plans and not go to Oaxaca.  According to the Washington Post, 500 Mexican women armed with kitchen spoons took control of the state run television studio and another 1000 are guarding the outside.  Um yeah, it sounds like Oaxaca City is nuts, that Mexico City is pretty crazy and we’ll be tomorrow.  Yeah. 

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