Before last month, I wasn’t aware of the word, “macaca.” Now, thanks to Sen. Allen, the definition has been given in almost every article written about him in the past month, and he may just be in the fight for his political life. Let me back up for those of you that don’t live in the DC area, Virginia or don’t pay attention to politics. Sen. Allen last month called one of his democratic challenger’s staff a macaca on camera and welcomed him to “the real Virginia.” First off, where is it okay to call another human being a macaca which is a genus of monkey and a racial slur (the staffer is Indian)? Second, Sen. Allen you live in Northern Virginia, perhaps one of the most ethnically diverse places in the nation? Third, You’re in a Senate Campaign and possibly running for President. Think before you speak, Sir. Think!

However, I’d like to thank you again for turning a yawn reelection bid into what might be a great race.