September 2006

it’s 20 years into the peloponnesian wars. and the women are fed up. so what do they do? they storm the public funds building, seizing control of the funding necessary to continue the fighting. and they declare a sex strike. no more sex until there’s peace. at least, that’s how it goes in Aristophanes’ comedy, Lysistrata. pretty far fetched, right? not if you’re the wife or girlfriend of a gangster in Pereira, Colombia. (more…)


For the past 7 years, West Wing has been one of my favorite shows.  The writing, the practical idealism, really there’s not many other shows out there that boasted that quality of cast, sophisticated writing that assumed the viewers were as smart as the writer, and a love for the subject material.  Although the show floundered a bit when Sorkin left, I was still sad to bid it farewell this spring.  However, with a new Sorkin show premiering next Monday, with several of my favorite actors from the West Wing (Busfield, Whitford and Perry), there’s not too many tears left on my face.  I’ve already seen the pilot, its got all the Sorkin trademarks-witty dialogue, subtle plot twists a bit of preach, and pop culture references.  If you get a chance, check it out,  and read on  about Sorkin