I don’t think I’m going to edit this–Scribble I wrote last week. 

Over the holiday break I was pondering about why I was pushing the buttons of a certain friend in a debate last month.  I realized its because I have a strong bias against absolutes.  Although, I believe in good and evil as an active member of my faith–I hate the words–good, bad, black, white etc and their application in daily conversation, articles, discussions, debates etc. etc. 

When I come across someone who thinks in absolutes–I try hard not to dismiss immediately what they say, because I find analyzing their style-how they think-their use of rational thought-fascinating and I want to figure out how they arrive to their conclusions.  However, at the same time,  I find their oft-usage of qualitative language to describe quantitative behavior or facts bewildering and oftputting.  

As I started thinking about absolutes, I wondered if I was a hypocrite–and I realized as much as I’m human (humans are naturally hypocrites in my opinion–and we’re usually hypocrites in pointing out the hypocrisies of others)–I’m not really absolute in day to day life even though I do have strong opinions. 

 What’s funny is that this phobia of absolutes corresponds directly to my politics.  I usually score right down the middle of political compasses.