Last night, I had a conversation with a friend of a friend.  Rather than listen to my point, he tried to shut me up and said “Let’s agree to disagree.”  I was a little angry because it was clear he wasn’t going to hear my side of the point.  I didn’t want to change his view, just to let him hear an alternate viewpoint.  How often do we (myself included) close ourselves off to a different point of view?  When we treat our point of view as absolutes, do we miss out on learning and carrying on a discussion that actually benefits both sides?  Often the internet is treated as a place for people to rant, get out their emotions and skewer the other side.  Just another place to fuel absolute views.  Those of us who try hard to listen to both sides are dismissed as fence sitters or without principles.  We have  firm principles, but personally I find that people with absolute views, even if I agree with them, creep me out.