An e-mail from the Clara Booth Luce Institute arrived in my e-mail today.  I’m not exactly sure why I’m on their mailing list, but hey apparently I’m getting their e-mails.  I think I signed up to go to a luncheon featuring Ann Coulter as the featured guest and then I realized what I had done, and backed out.  Anyway, here’s selections from their newsletter…..


 Loony Ladies of the Left:
How to Stand Up to the Radical Feminists on Campus
Featuring Author Christina Hoff Sommers
Friday, March 2
4:00–5:00 p.m.

Chairman’s Room
Are feminists on your campus getting you down? Are you tired of putting up with leftist women’s studies types who claim to provide a voice for all women, but instead spend all their time and money whining about the Eurocentric patriarchy? Then be sure to attend this informative session with Christina Hoff Sommers, author of Who Stole Feminism?.

First, why does the word feminist get such a bad rap, okay don’t answer that.  Seriously, though..who are these feminists using all their time whining about European centered patriarchy? 

Warning: College May Result in Risks to Your Health

When it comes to taking care of yourself, you know the basics: don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, watch what you eat, exercise, and get enough sleep. But it’s what your campus health-services staff isn’t telling you that could put your health at serious risk. And what’s worse, political correctness is to blame. 

Political correctness can kill you—this evening on Fox 5.  Seriously, when emotional manipulation like that last sentence is used, my guards go out.  Oh, and when all else fails–get out the political correctness card.