Yesterday after work, as I arrived home, my roommates were watching tv with an expression of pure grimness on their faces.  My roommate’s boyfriend was with him–he graduated from Virginia Tech a few years ago and of all of us, the tragedy hit him the hardest.  Today, the day after it unfolded there’s blame evident on the tv, the internet the radio.  The media is wondering whether the school officials did everything they could, students are wondering why they weren’t evacuated sooner, which is all human nature to find a reason, a motive, a scapegoat perhaps.  The usual namepointing about guns and that “republicans are to blame” has already begun. 

However, at this point, I’m just taking a moment for the victims and the families they left behind.  I think its too soon to worry about motive,about why–there’ll be plenty of that in the next couple of weeks.  The shooter was named, and yes I feel for his family also.  They live in the same county that I reside and I can’t imagine what they’re going through either.


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