For the past 7 years, West Wing has been one of my favorite shows.  The writing, the practical idealism, really there’s not many other shows out there that boasted that quality of cast, sophisticated writing that assumed the viewers were as smart as the writer, and a love for the subject material.  Although the show floundered a bit when Sorkin left, I was still sad to bid it farewell this spring.  However, with a new Sorkin show premiering next Monday, with several of my favorite actors from the West Wing (Busfield, Whitford and Perry), there’s not too many tears left on my face.  I’ve already seen the pilot, its got all the Sorkin trademarks-witty dialogue, subtle plot twists a bit of preach, and pop culture references.  If you get a chance, check it out,  and read on  about Sorkin


There’s a long (but not especially well-written) article about Baby boy Wilson in the Washington Post today.  After reading it, I started thinking about a series of questions I always ask myself whenever the Wilsons are concerned.  First:  Which is my favorite Wilson? (I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to pick) Second: Which one will ultimately be more successful (I think Luke will be) and third-Why does the nickname butterscotch Stallion crack me up so much (because its hillarious).


I read this article, and couldn’t help but get almost a melancholy feel for Frank Sinatra Jr’s life.  Check it out.  Well written portrayal of FS Jr’s life.