Washington DC

I have a confession.  Airport Security is something I grudgingly bear.  I can see why most of the precautions are taken, but really I think many precautions are knee jerk reactions that don’t really make us safer.  I sometimes think they are put in place to make us feel safe after a major terrorism scare and don’t actully make us safer.



The Leavitts have a bit of a shady reputation in Utah, amongst Republicans and Democrats alike.  The family has been linked to the introduction of whirling disease, which is threatening southern utah fisheries, then Gov. Leavitt was quite possibly a key participating member of the infamous Utah Olympic Scandal, not to mention a few other thiings that were fairly detrimental to the state of Utah.  Now Gov. Leavitt is now Sec. Leavitt and he along with his family made it to the front page of the Washington Post due to a family foundation that may or may not be ethical


For the past 5 years, I’ve lived in DC.  When I moved there, or when I go back, people from home (rural ut) almost always bring up the crime, and how they would be scare there.  The fact was, that I saw more illegal drugs etc in Vernal, UT than I’ve witnessed in DC.  I’ve never felt unsafe in DC except for once when I was up in a sketchy neighborhood, and even then a stranger saw me, and started talking to me until I got to the metro station.  My regular commute is through an area that has been considered crime-free for years.  However, about 6 months ago a couple of tourists were stabbed by a homeless man about 2 blocks from my regular metro station.  In May, several tourists were mugged in the evening on the Mall and the town (and commuters) were shocked.  Crime like this happens in SouthEast or parts of North East (DC is divided into 4 quadrants-North East, South East, North West, and South West), not on the National Mall in NorthWest, and definitely not to tourists.  Fast forward to this month, there’s been 14 murders in DC so far this month, in all quadrants.  On Tuesday night 6 tourists were robbed on the mall, and one woman was sexually assaulted.  The talk of the town is the crime rate, and people are nervous.  The unwritten rules about DC and crime are changing, and no one is sure what the new ones are.