Washington Post

The Leavitts have a bit of a shady reputation in Utah, amongst Republicans and Democrats alike.  The family has been linked to the introduction of whirling disease, which is threatening southern utah fisheries, then Gov. Leavitt was quite possibly a key participating member of the infamous Utah Olympic Scandal, not to mention a few other thiings that were fairly detrimental to the state of Utah.  Now Gov. Leavitt is now Sec. Leavitt and he along with his family made it to the front page of the Washington Post due to a family foundation that may or may not be ethical



The Washington Post has a fairly interesting article about bloggers today.  Apparently the average blogger is under 30 (not surprising since the average person above the age of 40 is scared stiff of developing technology), and there’s 49 million blogs out there.  That’s a lot of blogs….especially when that number will probably double in the next 5 years.  While there’s 49 million blogs…only about 10,000 have an audience beyond their friends and family.  The cool things about blogs (like the article says) is that its not just geeks writing blogs.  People are writing about their hobbies, life..and culture becomes a little more varied when more people write.  Go Bloggers!